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Roboto Bold Animated Alphabet Kit

When I'm not working for Bouvet I develop tools and tutorials for my fellow designers out there. And by designers I also mean developers, just want to get that cleared here.

Juan Maguid

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pre-animated A-Z SVG alphabet in a nice font like Roboto? Of course. Free? Yes!

All characters come as separately animated .svgs so you can build your own sentences. Also included is each characters .keyshape file and the .sketch file for even further customization, like changing the timing of the animation or setting up your very own font. Awesome!

Release notes v1.0

  • A smoothly animated A–Z alphabet using Roboto Bold (Google Fonts)
  • Ready to use pre-animated .SVGs
  • Keyshape project files for each character so that you can build your own sentences (requires Keyshapeapp)
  • Sketch template so you can use it to create your own alphabets or expand this one (requires Sketchapp)
  • Demo projects so you can learn more what Keyshape can do

Good to view tutorials

Download the kit